North Yorkshire

Reasons you should visit a little town in North Yorkshire

Richmond in North Yorkshire, the quaint market town situated within the Yorkshire Dales – the first and original of all Richmonds in the world (and, in my humble opinion, the best) – is such a magical location.

Granted, I had to take a step back to appreciate it for what it is, but I can now completely enjoy it. This is where I grew up for almost 30 years, and even though I no longer reside there, I am never far from home.

Richmond is pretty dang cute when it comes to beautiful little English towns.

The Normans created the historic Yorkshire market town in 1071, and it is because of its aversion to change that Richmond has thrived.

Throughout the years, Richmond has been able to maintain its history. It’s a town rich in history, urban legends, and communal spirit; it’s full of character, old customs, and a strong sense of community.

From gothic buildings to listed Georgian residences to quaint cobblestone lanes, every part of town has its own unique idiosyncrasies.

When I visit my folks, there is nothing I enjoy more than waking up at 6 a.m. on a summer morning for a delightful long stroll in the picturesque Yorkshire countryside.

The issue is, you have to outgrow a place like Richmond before you can return and appreciate its inherent beauty. Otherwise, you risk becoming trapped in a small-town mindset, which is something I suffered with as a youngster. After all, living in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone else may be confining. It can become overcrowded and inconvenient.

While 95 percent of Richmond’s population is almost as old as the city itself* (*Not an official number, by the way), it is also, as you might expect, not the most diverse location on the planet, but it is very charming and hospitable.

Tourists from all over the world rush to Richmond, and Richmonders really welcome you with open arms and their unique sense of Yorkshire charm; you’ll fall in love with the city and wish to return time and time again.

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